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National Art Center Tokio

Tadao Ando: Endeavors

Benesse House 1992/1995 Naoshima, Kagawa Photo: Mitsuo Matsuoka

Tadao Ando (1941-), who is known for his unconventional résumé as a former professional boxer turned self-taught architect, made a start to his architectural career in 1969 as an “urban guerrilla”. He has since been constantly delivering novel designs that challenge our preconceptions about architecture. He began expanding the sphere of his activities overseas from the 1990s, and he has realized ambitious projects in nations throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. He has also been actively engaged in social contribution projects focused on environmental restoration and post-disaster reconstruction.

Learn about the life of the extraordinary architect, his creations, and his current ambitions in this exhibition, which sheds light on the great trail of endeavors he has left behind him and on his visions for the future ahead through six sections titled “ORIGINS/HOUSES”, “LIGHT”, “VOID SPACES”, “READING THE SITE”, “BUILDING UPON WHAT EXISTS, CREATING THAT WHICH DOES NOT EXIST”, and “NURTURING”. The exhibition spaces featuring more than 200 models, sketches, and drawings have been designed by the architect himself. By traversing these spaces, visitors will be able to retrace the architect’s footprints and gain a renewed appreciation for the richness and infinite potential of the culture of architecture.