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Museum of Modern Art New York City

Neri Oxman
Material Ecology

11 West 53rd Street, New York City NY 10019  »Google Maps
Sa–Do 10.30–17.30 Uhr, Fr 10.30–20.00 Uhr
Neri Oxman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Cartesian Wax, from the Materialecology project,Photograph by © Denis Doorly.

From tree bark and crustacean shells to silkworm webs and human breath, nature shapes Neri Oxman’s innovative design and production processes. As a designer, architect, and founding director of The Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab, Oxman has developed not only new ways of thinking about materials, objects, buildings, and construction methods, but also new frameworks for interdisciplinary—and even interspecies—collaborations. Her pioneering approach, which she calls “material ecology,” brings together materials science, digital fabrication technologies, and organic design, to create new possibilities for the future. While individually these works are beautiful and revolutionary, together they put forward a new philosophy of designing, making—and even unmaking—the world around us.

This exhibition is currently being presented here as part of our Virtual Views series, as we “museum from home.” Hear directly from Neri Oxman and MoMA’s Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, and Director of Research and Development, during a live Q&A, and experience Oxman’s work through video, audio features, interviews, and more.