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Dansk Arkitektur Center Kopenhagen

Making the City smart

Illustration: Mormor

Over the past 10-15 years the Internet and social media have radically transformed our lives. Now, our cities and towns are experiencing the same digital revolution. The exhibition, Update, shines the spotlight on the smart towns and cities of tomorrow, sparking off debate on how to deploy Big Data to create better towns and cities without too much “Big Brother”.

Update is the first major exhibition in Denmark to look at Smart City Technologies, which, in the years to come, may significantly change the way, in which our towns and cities operate.Cities are moving online and learning to communicate with themselves and their citizens. A dustbin tells you when it is full and orders a dustman. A street lamp detects whether it is a pedestrian or a car that is passing by, and adjusts the light accordingly. In 10 years' time, cars will talk to one another and avoid collisions, jams and congestion.It sounds smart, but is it also intelligent? It sounds like Big Brother, but does it also make for a better city? This is the discussion we want Update to raise. Come and discover the best Danish and international Smart city solutions. Visit the smart city of tomorrow, as imagined by the street artist, Mormor. Explore an interactive version of the street, Vester Voldgade in Copenhagen, and meet Smart Citizens from all over the world.  

Update is supported by Realdania and has been created by DAC in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute, and with the City of Copenhagen and the Municipalities of Albertslund and Frederikssund as urban partners.