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Mind the Earth

Mind the Earth

Mind the Earth: New exhibition will show the Earth as seen from Google Earth

Can logging be beautiful? Seen from above, it creates the most delicate patterns, but the story behind it is scary - large parts of the rain forest are disappearing every day. The exhibition, Mind the Earth, at the Danish Architecture Centre will show the Earth’s transformation, using selected photos from Google Earth, providing insights into how diverse, resilient, but also vulnerable our planet is.

There is something deeply fascinating about seeing the Earth from above. Suddenly you notice things you were not previously aware of. From an altitude of 10 kilometres, landscapes and settlements create patterns, which we have no idea that we are part of. Then, when we zoom in, it becomes clear that every place and every region has its own unique character and story. The exhibition, Mind the Earth, which opens on 20 November at the Danish Architecture Centre, will zoom both in and out, as each of the selected photos from Google Earth tells its own unique story about the state of the Earth: from scattered island communities to megacities and huge agricultural areas, which have to provide food for an ever growing population.

In addition to being stunningly beautiful, these photos also show some of the transformations, which globalisation, urbanisation and climate change are currently creating. Visitors to the exhibition will be thrilled and amazed by the Earth’s diversity, but at the same time reminded that the Earth’s resources are not infinite, and that we have a joint obligation to look after what we have. Martin Winther, Experience Communication Manager, Danish Architecture Centre