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Dansk Arkitektur Center Kopenhagen

Life in China's giant Cities

Photo: Niels Bjørn

Join in on an eye opening journey across China and learn just how big the contrasts between the giant cities of China and the everyday life of their citizens on street level are.

In China, large cities are built in a heartbeat and already existing keeps growing to extents, which are nearly impossible to comprehend. The Chinese government just declared that Beijing will soon grow to merge together with two other cities to one giant city with the unbelievable number of 130 million citizens. And this is just one example. As the urbanization and urban development evolves, so does the air pollution - which leads to public health consequences.

How is it to live in the giant cities of China under such extreme conditions? How does the fact that everything is new, from buildings to infrastructure and neighbors, form the life for the ordinary Chinese citizen? Niels Bjørn, photographer and chairman at the Think Tank Urban, has visited five of the largest Chinese cities to document the everyday life of the ordinary human being in the middle of the chaotic city giants.

The exhibition invites you to see the world from the perspective of the ordinary Chinese citizen through video, photo, and audio from new as well as old Chinese urban areas, different neighborhoods, and the life at public squares and parks, which reflects and portrays the activities and social behavior of the urbane Chinese people.