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Dansk Arkitektur Center Kopenhagen

House in Motion

In Motion (2014)

Architecture and art have always had a close relationship - sometimes it's pure symbiosis other times a stormy affair and yet it's never boring.

In the exhibition House in Motion the works of artist Jes Fomsgaard and architect Anders Abraham come together for the  first time. Abraham makes the very architectual and spatial works of Fomsgaard come alive in a series of installations inspired by Fomsgaard's paintings.

The exhibition also looks at the concrete meeting between architect and artist through a number of quotes by Abraham and Fomsgaard that illuminates their different opinions about the relationship between architecture and art.

About Jes Fomsgaard
Born 1948, artist. Danish artist that has worked a lot with architectural motives and spatial effects. Fomsgaard has made art for e.g. the University of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Gymnasium and received various funds and prizes.

About Anders Abraham
Born 1964, architect. Ander Abraham has worked for several years both theoretically and practically with the tension between art and architecture. He is professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.