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CCA Montréal (Québec)

Lab Cult: An unorthodox history of interchanges between science and architecture

Cedric Price. Generator: Site model with key to cubes function, between 1976 and 1979. Cedric Price Fonds © CCA

Today, after a long period of questioning science’s capacity to provide answers to architecture’s social mandate, architects and designers are once again enchanted with the concept of the laboratory. This exhibition investigates the lab as a recurring and productive allegory for experimentation, and imagines new modes of transdisciplinary research threading together these two fields. A series of case studies from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are presented through archival material from the CCA collection, as well as models, scientific instruments, and photographs on loan from historical and scientific institutions across North America.

Curator: Evangelos Kotsioris, 2016–2017 Emerging Curator
Graphic design: Louise Paradis, Montreal
Drawings: New Affiliates LLC, New York