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Alvar Aalto Museum Jyväskylä

Constructions by Sakari Laitinen
Line, Space and Colour

Spirit of the Lamp © Sakari Laitinen

The exhibition of visual art by the architect Sakari Laitinen (1937-2015) is a celebration of colour and form.

Laitinen, who had also worked in Alvar Aalto’s architect’s office in the early years of his career, was gifted at drawing, and practised art in parallel with architecture from his student years onwards. He influenced the field of architecture in diverse ways and, after retiring from architectural work in 1997, devoted himself wholly to art. Sakari Laitinen’s works, which have also been shown in international exhibitions, adopt an architectonic approach – his collage-like artworks combine spatial composition with experimental play with colours, forms and materials.

The exhibition is being produced by the Museum of Finnish Architecture and curated by Juhani Pallasmaa, Sara Nuortie and Mikael Merenmies.