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Zeller & Moye

© Zeller & Moye, Hollow

Material Matters is an exhibition series focusing on the experimental use of construction materials in the field of architecture.
It will host some of the most talented young architects. They will present their project at the opening night in person,
their work will then be exhibited for one month to the public offering a platform for exchange and discussion.

Zeller&Moye is a Mexico based office that caught international attention for their latest projects. Hollow is a public artwork created by Zeller&Moye in collaboration with the artist Katie Paterson.
It is permanently sited in the historic Royal Fort Gardens in Bristol. Spanning millions of years it is a miniature forest of all the world’s forests,
telling the history of the planet through the immensity of tree specimens in microcosm.Hollow is created through over 10,000 unique tree species, from petrified wood fossils of the earliest forests that emerged 390 million years ago to the most recent emergent species.
From the Indian Banyan Tree, under which Buddha achieved enlightenment, to the Japanese Ginkgo tree in Hiroshima, a tree that witnessed and survived one of the darkest moments of human history.
The interior of hollow is an introverted and meditative space where, whether sitting or standing, one finds oneself embraced by history;
feeling the warmth and streaks; observing the diversity of patterns and colours; and smelling the timber’s natural perfumes: a transportation through time and space.
All interior blocks are cut to square profiles of varying widths from as small as half a centimetre up to forty centimetres for the largest piece.
Playing with the perception of the beholder the interior appears rather small at first but in time when seen up close it expands to a rich and scaleless composition with everchanging details.