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Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2017

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The fourth edition of Copenhagen Architecture Festival will feature a wide program of more than 150 architectural events and 40 film screenings at 42 venues. Part of the Danish festival will also be 6 Future Architecture alumni taking part in exhibitions, conferences, talks and more in Copenhagen and Aarhus. The 11 day festival, the largest festival of architecture and film in the world, will with film screenings, exhibitions, lectures, debates, walks, concerts and conferences offer a chance to get glimpses of the world of architecture to the broadest of audiences through a perspective of a variety of experts from Denmark and abroad. For the first time ever, CAFx will also include the European Capital of Culture 2017 Aarhus Architecture Festival (AAFX) and Aalborg Architecture Festival (ALAFx). CAFx 2017 theme "Architecture as identity" will explore, how architecture is to shape and reflect values in our lives or cities, how we as individuals, groups or nations understand ourselves in our surroundings, how architecture can express our identity and values, how we link ourselves unconsciously to their nature or expression and what makes us feel at home. The festival is arranged into 11 sub-themes distributed across the three cities. Visitors can experience the world premiere of Big Time - a new portrait film about Bjarke Ingels, catch more than 40 other architecture-related films, a major international conference with visiting architcets such as Charles Renfro and Barozzi Veiga, a new exhibition of Lacaton & Vassal, Druot and Hutin in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, explore the colonial traces of Denmark and its colonies in a series of events like lectures, talks and exhibitions or be guided around the latest architecture of Copenhagen and Aarhus on bike by the cities’ architects - in Copenhagen as part of the festival's collaboration with the municipality and this year’s building awards.