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On Air
Broadcasting the Modern Movement

Still from an interview between Joaquim Moreno and Tim Benton showing “Broadcasting the Modern Movement,” Benton’s introduction to course A305 published in Architectural Association Quarterly, 1975. Film by Shahab Mihandoust, London, July 2017. © CCA

This exhibition will explore the third-year undergraduate arts course, “A305: History of Architecture and Design, 1890–1939,” offered by the Open University via television and radio broadcasts that aired from 1975 to 1982. Beyond its many innovations in new forms of higher education, the Open University—founded in 1969 with headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK—was a key political and social experiment in distance and adult education. Through courses such as A305, the Open University extended higher education beyond a typical class of students by using media as a tool to transform both the production and transmission of knowledge. A305 used publication, correspondence, and a complex system of local and regional centres to disseminate that knowledge across an entire country.

On Air: Broadcasting the Modern Movement examines how the creation of the Open University and the A305 course was a unique and radical mobilization of new media environments for educational purposes; or more fundamentally, a convergence of mass media and mass education. The exhibition positions A305 as a pioneering case study for ongoing developments in mediatized education and for a culture built on open and shared resources.

Curator: Joaquim Moreno

On Air: Broadcasting the Modern Movement is produced by the CCA based on the module “A305: History of Architecture and Design, 1890–1939,” written and produced by The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. All rights are reserved.