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Architecture in Sweden
Function, Design and Aesthetics

The architect's office with large white desk, drawings and models has inspired exhibition form.

In ten desks portrayed 1000 years of construction with a focus on the last 100 years through models, photographs and texts. In ArkDes permanent exhibition are lyrics about influences, ideals of town planning and architectural development of the profession through world history.

Each table has a drawer with additional material and props. Along the room's one long side runs a display wall that tell of the various epochs in the Swedish architectural history. It makes it possible to take part of the story in a more comprehensive way.

In the cabinet wall is shown full-scale elements of material and furniture from the collections and initially architecture image of the photographer Åke E: son Lindman. There is no order and chronology. The senses are addressed through inspiration, abstraction and associations from the world of architecture. In the permanent exhibition there is also a special podium showing trends in urban planning in Sweden - from medieval narrow streets to the 1970s villa cities.

Architecture in Sweden contains many elements and will are changed regularly by additions and extensions exhibitions. A historical survey, from the oldest construction until today, you will find ten "tables". "One hundred years in the apartment" are examples of depression.